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My experience with Moore Custom Cabinets was phenomenal. My husband and I were remodeling the upstairs of our shop for our daughter, who just graduated college. My husband mentioned purchasing pre-made cabinets; however, I was not very interested in this idea. Custom cabinets, you know they’re going to last, they’re going to hold up. I knew about Moore Custom Cabinets because they are located right down the road from my home. Once I dropped by, I met the owner, John. John was an absolute delight to work with. His kind and tenacious personality made the experience a pleasure rather than a chore. 


I was indecisive about exactly what I was looking for, in terms of wood selection and color. John was patient and professional throughout my drawn out decision-making process. John not only was patient but he also provided helpful insight on the color scheme. 


During the cabinet construction, John allowed me to come to his shop and share any input and concerns I might have. He was open to listening to my concerns about pricing and offered me advice on where I could save money. Unlike many other businesses, John never pressured or rushed me to make a decision. 


Overall, this experience was great and the craftsmanship of the cabinets are stunning. After my experience with John and his staff, I consider Moore Custom Cabinets not only an impeccable business but also a personal friend. 

Katie Burnett

Dahlonega, Georgia

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Katie and her husband own Skytel Contractors located in Cumming, GA. They live in Dahlonega along with their two daughters.

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