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I was recommended to Moore Custom Cabinets by a fellow homeschooling mom, Jennifer Wisniewski, who had them do some work at her home. My husband and I had just bought some cabinets from Ikea for another room in our house, so I had ideas of prices from them. I knew I couldn’t have all the options I wanted to do with cabinets from Ikea or a Big Box store.  However, I felt like I could work with John and get exactly what I wanted for the same amount of money or less. 


John and his group did a great job, and they were really professional. It was truly a custom experience. We were able to do exactly what we wanted. They showed us all their products and gave us a lot of different options in terms of door styles, stains, finishes, and hardware. Then, they worked with us to lay out everything exactly the way we wanted it to help us maximize our space in a relatively small area.


I love that I got everything that I wanted at such a reasonable price. I would recommend Moore Custom Cabinets to anybody that wanted to do any work in their home. They work hard to make sure it is exactly what you want. You couldn’t ask for anything to be done better and in a more professional manner. I love my kitchen, and I hope that I will be able to use Moore Custom Cabinets again to do more work in my home.

Brenda Perez

Cumming, Georgia

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Brenda and her husband, Jose, made their kitchen a DIY project!

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