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There are craftsmen and then there are CRAFTSMEN! John Browning and the team at Moore Cabinets are the latter! I have been in the construction industry for almost 50 years and I can say without equivocation they are one of the best companies I have ever worked with.


From the day John and I sat down to discuss what my vision was until the Moore team pulled out of my driveway for the last time, there was not a single issue or change that was not addressed, corrected, and completed with professionalism. The design, installation, and finishes were exactly what we had discussed. The installation date and times were on schedule and completed as promised even with the changes I made. John and the team also went the extra mile when I added a special window that had to be custom built, finished, and installed to look as if it were part of the cabinets.


For John Browning and everyone that I worked with at Moore Cabinets, this was not a job but a passion! In the construction world today our expectations are rarely met. Moore Cabinets is the exception!

Ben Carlisle

Gainesville, Georgia

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Ben is moving to Texas and has asked Moore Cabinets to build the cabinets for his new house!

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